About the Affiliates

Lesley Raymond

Lesley is an enthusiastic professional with a diverse background working in project management, account management, not-for-profit, marketing, and business strategy. Her career has been spent helping entrepreneurs thrive and escape the inevitable overwhelm. She is passionate about wellbeing, work-life balance, and ensuring teams operate with clarity to achieve collective goals. Lesley holds a Bachelor of Education from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador, and a Bachelor of Arts from Mount Allison University.

Shane Kendrick

Shane Kendrick

My name is Shane Kendrick, I am a Certified Professional Recovery Coach and Certified Interventionist Professional and the founder of Kendrick Recovery Solutions.

My company offers ON-SITE drug testing for individuals and ON-SITE drug testing as well as drug testing policy development for companies across sectors and industries. These services ensure compliance with the latest Federal and Provincial legislations, compliance with mandated court orders, and cross-industry standards and/or as part of a company’s health and safety program (individual, group and corporate rates available). Kendrick Recovery Solutions also offers recovery coaching, interventions, family support coaching in addition to multiple forms of supportive after care services for those who need guidance navigating through their struggles with the unmanageability of the consequences of substance misuse. I have and am steadfastly developing and consistently working towards aligning my personal and professional life. Creating a stable, gratifying and unified balance that moves me towards my greater purpose of helping others who still struggle with substance misuse.

I find myself humbled that my life’s experiences, and my own struggles with substance dependency, coupled with the work of recent years has come together to offer a safe, supportive and encouraging space for each and every one of my clients and their families. It is my life’s purpose and my passion to help others find recovery and rebuild themselves as I am, day by day, one step at a time

Rhonda Sawchuk

Rhonda Sawchuk

Hello, I am Rhonda Sawchuk, a professional mental health coach with over 20 years of experience in the oil & gas industry and the founder of Endurosafety Ltd. Over the course of my experiences in the Oil & Gas sector I witnessed firsthand the detrimental side-effects of cross-industry stressors on the mental health of the corresponding workforce. My experience, passion, dedication & skill set align me with individuals looking to receive coaching on combating the negative implications of high-stress industry placements, including the specific threats to mental health of workers in remote locations.

My company, Endurosafety Ltd. offers purposeful, specialized educational webinars, presentations & workshops carefully designed for each client & corporation who utilizes these services to ensure extreme value added to the organizations & its respective workforce.

David Lovejoy

David Lovejoy

Background: David is a seasoned and dedicated professional with a diverse skill set and a proven record of success in organizational change management. With a background in marketing, product design, sales, and end-to-end project management, David is especially gifted at optimizing the customer experience while achieving business and revenue growth. He has been instrumental in helping the UBC Sauder Management Consulting Club enjoy sustainable 2x MoM growth and engage in bold initiatives which champion ethical leadership.

Strengths: Team optimization, agile leadership, product and change management.
Prosci Certified Change Practitioner, Certified ScrumMaster


Allan DeBono

Allan DeBono

Allan is a molecular biologist and consultant with expertise in the life sciences. He holds a Ph.D. from UBC and will have an MBA in December 2021. He consults in the technology and biotechnology spaces and uses interviewing and data to learn how to bring consumers and producers together. Allan is passionate about making businesses better and runs the Sauder Management Club to improve Vancouver area businesses while providing opportunities for students.

Crossing the Threshold

Crossing the Threshold

Crossing The Threshold is a team of addictions counselors and certified life coaches who are dedicated to seeing their clients recover from substance use disorders as well as many other mental health conditions. With a particular brand of counseling and coaching inspired by their personal recoveries, they are a dynamic team who offer a variety of services including, recovery coaching, counseling, couples counseling, interventions, and family counseling.  Joey and Kevin can be relied upon to provide a top tier level of service and communication to all who are considering crossing the threshold into their own mental health recovery journey or to family members inquiring on their behalf.


Raly Karr

Hello, my name is Ralitza (Raly) Karr. I am a self-taught artist and have a diploma in Graphic Design from Vancouver Collage of Art and Design that have dipped my toes in an array of different branches in the creative field in the past nine years. My art includes specialized creations for web design, book illustrations, logo development, album art and wall mural works.


Talha Chaudhry

Talha is a Master of Management graduate from the Sauder School of Business at University of British Columbia, qualifying first position in Capstone Business Simulation. Previously, he attained his bachelors with honors from York University in Economics.

Talha is an action-oriented, collaborative, and motivated autodidact who has a passion to learn about various sectors within an organization. He demonstrates skills as a team player and leader in collaborative settings and quick adapter from the work experience in a widespread experience in various industries; non-profit, waste management, professional services, marketing, and banking. Talha seeks to add value for his clients in challenging areas of strategy development, management, or consulting regarding various aspects of a business or industry.

Please feel free to reach out or reserve a meeting.


Ongoing Collaborative Projects

Educational Student Workshops

There is something phenomenal about collaborating with extraordinary educational institutions, with the aim of adding value to future leaders across industries.

An especially fun project as of late has been the facilitation of a  UBC Sauder’s school of business consulting club workshop. With another on the horizon. Despite the fact that it must, sadly be on zoom, it was and is an absolute joy to have the opportunity to share knowledge and learn from our up and coming leaders of the next generation.

If you are an educational institution looking for additional ways to keep students engaged and add value to their future professions, we’d love to hear from you.

Pricing  CONTACT

It absolutely depends, absolutely happy to discuss, just shoot an email to set up an introduction. Let’s see what can be done to inspire and empower your organization, educational institution, or public speaking event. Details on the contact page.

Business Accelerator Program

Head Start is currently in the development phase of an Accelerator Program Educational Series in collaboration with the dedicated professionals of the Delta Chamber of Commerce. Together we’ve been brainstorming on how best to use our skills & strengths to help support the businesses of this EPIC community in which we are very grateful to be a part of, call ‘home’ home and well, due to the pandemic, ‘work’ home as well.

Adding value to other companies is about finding ways to come together, as a collective of professionals looking to share skills and strengths to help us all overcome these challenging times. Ask for more information, or if your organization would benefit from specialized workshops.

Pricing  CONTACT

It absolutely depends, absolutely happy to discuss, just shoot an email to set up an introduction. Let’s see what can be done to inspire and empower your organization, educational institution, or public speaking event. Details on the contact page.


Through all our ventures and projects, we prioritize transparency, confidentiality, integrity, diligence, and passion. Supporting corporations & individuals seeking proactive solutions, support & guidance. Passion fosters inspiration, our passion for fueling positive change is geared towards supporting our client’s success.


Our vision is to establish ourselves as professionals who are known for their enthusiasm, those who work harder and think smarter for each of their clients because they truly care about their respective fields and those they serve. A company who raises the standard for inspirational, empowering support.

Values and Beliefs

  • Consistent effort over time yields results
  • We work best when we collaborate with our clients
  • We are engaged, passionate and motivated
  • We do not ask for trust, find opportunities to earn it
  • We always look to continue learning, improving and growing
  • We never compromise on quality
  • We are engaged, passionate and motivated
  • We create a comfortable, empowering and safe space
  • We believe in honesty, transparency and the importance of building lasting, encouraging professional relationships