Act with integrity,

aim for excellence.


Half measures avail us nothing.

Almost solutions don’t work.

Uninspired support isn’t good enough.

Here, we do things differently, we do things better, 

inspired by and dedicated to all those we serve. 


Head Start is a consulting, coaching & training company who passionately support and empower  all those whom they serve, aiming to always to encourage lasting, positive change.

Our services are for businesses who need solutions,  people who wish to realign themselves with their life’s purpose, anyone looking for passionate and uplifting nutritional support and phenomenal personal training sessions to fuel bodies, power up minds and bring back energy into daily routines.

Head Start was founded to address a need in today’s uncertain landscape for timely solutions and support for all those who want better for themselves, who want more from their lives and livelihoods. 

Whether it is coaching, consulting or training we provide an effective and customized blend of skills, expertise and experience to help bridge the gap between you and your goals.


Through all our ventures and projects, we prioritize transparency, confidentiality, integrity, diligence, and passion. Supporting corporations & individuals seeking proactive solutions, support & guidance. Passion fosters inspiration, our passion for fueling positive change is geared towards supporting our client’s success.


Our vision is to establish ourselves as professionals who are known for their enthusiasm, those who work harder and think smarter for each of their clients because they truly care about their respective fields and those they serve. A company who raises the standard for inspirational, empowering support.

Values and Beliefs

  • Consistent effort over time yields results
  • We work best when we collaborate with our clients
  • We are engaged, passionate and motivated
  • We do not ask for trust, find opportunities to earn it
  • We always look to continue learning, improving and growing
  • We never compromise on quality
  • We are engaged, passionate and motivated
  • We create a comfortable, empowering and safe space
  • We believe in honesty, transparency and the importance of building lasting, encouraging professional relationships