Passion Fosters



Head Start was founded to address a need in today’s uncertain landscape for timely solution generation for businesses of all sizes. Since its inception Head Start has expanded its services to include multiple coaching offerings as well. Whether it is coaching or consulting, we provide an effective and customized blend of skills, expertise and experience to help bridge the gap between you and your goals. This organization believes in the importance of caring about each of our clients. Caring about what our clients want to see for themselves, how they want to move their businesses forward, and caring about what inspires and motivates them. This, in turn allows us to develop highly effective, results oriented support programs and packages. At Head Start we look at all the sides of life in order to support the success of our clients long-term goals and lasting success .


Head Start is a consulting, coaching & skill development company whose services support corporations and the people behind them with customized services that actually work from professionals who are empowered to encourage positive change.

Our services are for businesses who are in need of solutions, professionals needing skill building, people who are looking to realign themselves with their life’s purpose through life coaching, and anyone who wants nutrition, personal training and workout programming to fuel their bodies, power up their minds and bring back energy into their daily routines.

All our services look to innovate, empower and fuel positive change across all avenues and parts of their life.

Half measures avail us nothing, almost solutions don’t work and uninspired support doesn’t work and isn’t good enough. Here, we do things differently, we do things better in a way that adds value across the board so you, as our client, are free to enjoy the value we add to your life.


Head Start exists to bring you back to your purpose. Your organizations purpose, your professional purpose & how your professional life and the success of your organization impacts your view on your personal wellbeing. Clients who choose Head Start find that we work harder, because our purpose and how we measure success, lies in how well we align our clients with their goals. Passion fosters success, and we look to passionately foster the success of our clients.


Our vision is to establish ourselves as internationally recognized experts in the consulting & coaching industries who are known for working harder, thinking smarter and greatly enriching the lives of each and every client.

Values and Beliefs

  • We provide high quality workmanship in all of our ventures
  • Consistent effort over time yields results
  • We work best when we work together to achieve your goals
  • We are engaged, passionate and motivated
  • We do not ask for trust, we ask for the opportunity to earn it.
  • We foster innovation and find collaborative solutions stemming from our success-based models.
  • We never compromise on quality workmanship and support.
  • We are engaged, passionate and motivated to encourage positive change initiatives in a confidential and empowering space.
  • We create a comfortable, empowering and safe space.
  • We belief in honest, transparency and the power of building lasting, encouraging professional relationships.