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Mona is a valuable member of the Harvard Business School Online Global Chapter. In March 2021, I featured Mona as a panellist, celebrating International Women’s Day.
It was a pleasure to listen to Mona’s inspiring and motivational stories, and at the end of the event, she read her poem, which was a highlight of the day.
Mona is a self-motivated and result-oriented entrepreneur. It is always a pleasure to speak with her and have her featured in various events.

Gwen Mdinaradze, BBA
, President & CEO at Speakers Alliance Canada

Mona Sarghie took on a comprehensive editing project for me and delivered editorial excellence! I was very impressed with her eye for detail and her way with words. She demonstrated precision, clarity, and depth in literature, spelling, and grammar. Mona was able to recognize when I repeated myself throughout the entire brief and corrected any inconsistencies, improving on what was written and suggesting ways it could be more aligned with its intended audience. I highly recommend Mona as an editor for any paper, book, website etc. as she does not disappoint! Thank you Mona for exceeding my expectations and delivering fantastic results.

Caitlin M
Social Services

Mona is skilled, driven and passionate about the work she does. She excels in effective communication, critical thinking and creating problem solving. Head Start has its client’s best interest at heart and is completely invested in their success as an outcome.

Kyndra C.
Pro-Bono Client

Working with Head Start Consulting has been like hiring a passionate life coach for my business. In my discussions with Mona, she brings curiosity to the table as well as an empathetic understanding for the goals I hadn’t yet been able to achieve. Her lack of judgement helped me to reframe my experiences and create the outcomes for my business that I truly desired.

Michael K.
Recovery Coach & Interventionist

When an employee has an issue, the entire company has an issue. Mona was able to help me put strategies in place so that my sub-ordinates can feel confident when coming to me with a difficulty they are facing as I know that I’ll have the resources to help us find the right solution. Now when my others hear me say that I have an open-door policy, because of Head Start Consulting, they know I really mean it. Head Start Consulting has had immense value added to my organization.

Cassie D.
General Litigator

Working with Mona so far has been such a liberating and encouraging experience.
She has given me the confidence and knowledge I need in order to start growing my business, figure out the logistics, and what angle to approach it with.
I’ve loved how much she values my thoughts and feelings, and is constantly making sure I am aware that she is here to encourage and inspire, not to pressure or sway.
Together, Mona truly and wholeheartedly has convinced me that we can accomplish anything, and with that kind of confidence and expertise… you really can

Jenessah D.
Life Coach

I have worked with many professionals throughout my journey, but Mona is a unique one to work with. I started my work journey with her, and she helped me understand the company’s internal process. Her work ethics are pristine, and she is easily adjustable to any given situation. Her ability to go out of his way to help others has made her stand out. She is one of the most dedicated professionals I’ve worked with and is willing to put that extra help whenever you need it. Her expertise is considerable, and it helped our company come up with more efficient solutions on different projects. Her contribution is valuable, and I highly recommend Mona. I look forward to working with her again.

Lance B
IT Consultant, Business Owner

Mona can naturally see the big picture of what is missing in your business. She doesn’t separate the person or people from the business and this allows her to find solutions that will be profoundly transformational, efficient and sustainable. She knows how to build a solid foundation by asking thoughtful and brilliant questions that challenge the client to consider their own “why”. She helps you find your originality and what makes you the best in your field, she doesn’t fabricate it- she helps you find it. She is empowering, funny, efficient and highly intelligent in all ways. There aren’t many times I like picking up my phone, but when Mona calls- I am always excited and if she leaves a voicemail, I will always listen- maybe only a few of you will understand how unique this is, and for those who do- that is how much I like having Mona be a part of my business transformation.

Chelsea C
Owner, Arkana & Co.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Mona during my school consulting program, and I was particularly impressed by Mona’s enthusiasm in consulting and coaching. And of course, her excellent consulting skills will be a seamless add to any projects. I highly recommend Mona if you need any business advice!!

Sophie, N
UBC Student

I am an independent contractor who was hired by Mona for a project she is working on. I really enjoy working with Mona! Her commitment is genuine and personal. Positive encouragement and attention to detail seems to come so naturally for her and are great assets! I am very grateful to have met such a wonderful human being.

Raly K

I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to apply personal expertise and new learnings from the MBA on a live case. Mona sets up the challenge with a well written case file portraying the client and the questions they are looking an answer for. The experience allows for new graduate MBA students, interested in consulting, to test and develop the skills and critical thinking necessary for the role. This all leads to an early exercise in which the learnings from the case, combined with Mona’s thorough and personal feedback, sets us up for success!

Santiago Sánchez Jiménez
UBC Sauder School of Business Workshop Attendee

UBC Sauder School of Business Workshop Attendee

Mona is the best! She is a pleasure to work with and always delivers to an exceptionally high standard. She’s completely with us every step of the way. Her knowledge and skills are very impressive. Huge endorsement for anyone who’s considering working with Mona.

Donna OM
Beach Grove Laser

It is with great pleasure to share my experience with Mona Sarghie in supporting the launch of my company as Head Start worked with me on a special project that will create a milestone within my industry. She exhibited such enthusiasm and passion for the project that she went above and beyond my expectations. Mona was prompt in delivering all deadlines. On the writing side, Mona was extraordinary in her choice of vocabulary which gave the project more value than I had ever imagined. Her highly specialized skills and experience has aided in opening up more opportunities that I wasn’t even aware of. This experience with Mona has kindled a collaboration of exciting future projects.

Rhonda S
President/ Founder Enduroproductions LTD.

Mona is an exceptional and inspiring human being alongside being an expert in her field. She is a non-conformist in all avenues of life and extremely passionate about the work she does. She is the kind of leader who leads by example and walks the talk. Mona makes it super easy to come up with possible solutions to tackle difficult business situations. Diligence, reliability and business acumen are core competencies that I have seen Mona exhibit. Her soft and respectful demeanor made it easy for me to work with her and I have been lucky to have had the opportunity to engage her expertise.

Poonam B
Owner DG Mindspace Meditation House

Mona has a wealth of knowledge to share! She is very passionate about helping Delta businesses thrive and we’re so pleased to have her as a member and a volunteer facilitator for our new business accelerator program course.

Lesley R
Manager of Business Development and Member Engagement, Delta Chamber of Commerce

Manager of Business Development and Member Engagement, Delta Chamber of Commerce

Mona was my coach and mentor as I created and delivered a consulting assignment for a luxury wellness client. During this process, she guided me to communicate my recommendations in a way that was both clear and easily understood by our client and helped me understand critical principles that lead to a productive client relationship. Based on that, I now feel I’m more able to develop and share recommendations that can be adopted by clients and solve their problems. It was clear to me throughout that Mona took great joy in the consulting and coaching process.

Rod M.
UBC Sauder’s School of Business Graduate, Consultant.

Mona Sarghie’s 2-hour presentation on pricing and valuation in the consulting industry was comprehensive and revelatory.
From the sleek and engaging slide deck, the pacing and content, to the way she effortlessly fielded any and all questions from the many attendees, Ms. Sarghie was a consummate professional and left a profound impression.

David L
UBC Sauder School of Business Workshop Attendee

Mona is one of the most talented and hardworking people I know. With an incredibly keen eye for detail and determination that leaves me speechless. I am honored and incredibly grateful to work with her, train with her and have her as a friend.

Rob R
IT Specialist

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