Our consulting specialties include operational efficiency, or if you prefer, making order out of chaos in order to streamline your company’s processes in a way that saves you time and resources from the get-go.

Strategic Planning is another go to, the consultants that fall under the umbrella of Head Start like finding ways to change the way your company is operating now, to align it with your bigger picture goals.

Due diligence, data driven research-based methods are essential throughout all of our consulting projects to back up all assessments and action plans with the qualitative and quantitative detail you need to feel confident in two essential areas.
Firstly, your confidence in us, and that you can see in the data that the support you are receiving is of exceptional quality.
Secondly, confidence in yourself and your team, in knowing that the decisions you are making are in fact in the best interest of both your business and the people behind it.


Head Start doesn’t believe in charging to introduce ourselves to you and to see how we can help you and your organization move towards its goals. This gives us the opportunity to see if we are a good fit in a way that it aligns with your specific needs.

What’s included
  • Initial call or zoom meeting.
  • Suggestions for how you can tackle your current circumstances.
  • Depending on your needs and professional goals, we’ll also look at connecting you to those in our network who will add value to you & your company.
  • If we’ve caught your attention and see alignment in our value to you, we can provide project quotes once we’ve had a chance to review and discuss details of your company’s specific circumstances.
  • Follow up to see how your doing, because we care that you and your business are working towards success and solution generation.
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Project Assessment & Success Solution Guide

Our assessment and success solution guide is all about getting to know you, your company, where its at in this moment and finding specific solutions and action plans that will move you towards success. We take the guess work out of the opportunity cost of the decisions you are facing.

What’s included
  • Review of current obstacles standing between where you are and where you want to be
  • The assignment of the appropriate experts who will be assisting in the development of your success solution guide, all industry experts are not required to take on projects, they are asked based on their talents, skills and desire to work for each specific client. This means that you, our client, gets the very best from the people who have the means and the dedication to provide it to you, resulting in unparalleled work ethic, quality and support.
  • Research, data to develop and back up suggestions when looking at making these crucial decisions to move your business forward.
  • Throughout this process we collaborate with you, to make sure that we are on point in our development of your success solutions.
  • Once you receive your completed package, if you have the team in place in house to knock this out of the park that’s where they come in. However, we don’t ever abandon our clients. Even if our formal work ends, we are here if you have any questions.
  • Many companies simply don’t have the in-house resources, and if you, like they don’t have the manpower, we have you covered. For details of how the next project phase works see the Head Start Action Plan and/or send any questions our way through the contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.
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Head Start Solutions Action Plan

So we’ve done the research, data checks out. At this stage we’ve been collaborating to come up with that phenomenal Solution Guide for you. From here, we come in offering a blend of off-site & on-site support to move through the projects with you. Standing in when you don’t have the time or people do move things forward.

What’s included
  • Scheduled on-site & off-site support.
  • Project management
  • Ongoing collaboration
  • Supplemental training & development as suited to the specific needs you have and goals you want to work towards.
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Other Services


Executive Level Editing & Copywriting


The words we use to convey intended meaning to our target markets are only part of what makes for professionally written copy. The other part? That is where there is a disconnect for so many content writers. It is not just about how beautifully written content; it is having a deep level of understanding as to how the language used speaks to your target market(s). Ultimately, this is what will differentiate your company from others in the industry and significantly reduce your customer acquisition cost.



Website Revision & Content Elevation

Content That Sells
What’s included
  • Initial discussion to understand your specific needs, sample writing is available on request.
  • Complete elevation of your website from the perspective of someone that understands what kind of written content your target markets would be drawn to.
  • Rate for complete overhaul will be discussed once your specific requests are reviewed.
  • Drafts of revisions will be sent for your approval to ensure all copywriting is perfected.
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Professional Editing Supported by Industry Research

Speak to your Target Markets
What’s included
  • Initial discussion to understand your specific needs, sample writing is available on request.
  • Editing that is guaranteed to align with your intended audience.
  • Clarified, edited & professionally elevated written content will allow you to showcase your intended meaning without the hassle of figuring out how to make it perfect on your end.
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Through all our ventures and projects, we prioritize transparency, confidentiality, integrity, diligence, and passion. Supporting corporations & individuals seeking proactive solutions, support & guidance. Passion fosters inspiration, our passion for fueling positive change is geared towards supporting our client’s success.


Our vision is to establish ourselves as professionals who are known for their enthusiasm, those who work harder and think smarter for each of their clients because they truly care about their respective fields and those they serve. A company who raises the standard for inspirational, empowering support.

Values and Beliefs

  • Consistent effort over time yields results
  • We work best when we collaborate with our clients
  • We are engaged, passionate and motivated
  • We do not ask for trust, find opportunities to earn it
  • We always look to continue learning, improving and growing
  • We never compromise on quality
  • We are engaged, passionate and motivated
  • We create a comfortable, empowering and safe space
  • We believe in honesty, transparency and the importance of building lasting, encouraging professional relationships