Dedication, consistency, effort over time. It seems simple enough, but in all aspects of life whether personal or professional, the daily actions I have found to be a very difficult and multi-faceted journey to move forward, to learn, grown and better ourselves for ourself and those who surround us.

There also, in my opinion needs to be a specific plan that aligns with the long-term goal or vision of what said dedicated, tireless efforts are expected to yield.

A project plan without a clear long-term vision is unusable because in order to assess what needs to change in an organization or in our own lives to foster success, we must be able to have a clear understanding of where, as a singular unit or through the combined efforts of a team, these efforts are going to bring us.

What is the purpose? What really matters in the bigger picture? What are the goals? Knowing these things brings alignment to the effort and attention we give to specific actions as an individual or as a team.

This dedication, this idea of consistent effort over time initially stemmed from my own personal physical journey. I was sick and tired of my own fear-based self-deprecating narrative, this in turn taught me what it was like to devote my energy, efforts and time towards something that matters in the bigger picture, to ourselves.
For me, what mattered what the ability to develop the self-confidence to be able to walk into a room or meet with a client to effectively assess if and how I will be able to add value to their lives.

The experience and the credentials were the strength, the weakness was the assurance that I was in fact, able to speak up, have a voice and use it well.
Increasing my physical abilities through the effort and actions I took over time, lit a fire in my belly, a burning enthusiasm if you will, towards the possibility of helping myself, so that I would ultimately be able to use my decade of schooling to help businesses, and the people behind them become successful. The extraordinary amount of effort it took, and still takes to move myself forwards gave increased my confidence in knowing that no matter the project, I am willing to do whatever it takes to see positive, meaningful change.

I cannot stress enough the importance of the consistent effort we place behind our intentions to add value in all that we do, personally and professionally.

We assign meaning to that for which we care about by the attention we give it and the actions we take.

Work harder for yourself and your clients by well-thought out, organized action.
Show up for yourself, so you can show up for others in all that you do.

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