Does This Spark Joy?

Marie Kondo’s clutter cleaning phenomenon impacted our organizational culture by cementing itself into our internal policies through our use of her verbiage “does this spark joy”?

This phrase is one that has been used within our company on many an occasion whether my affiliates and I are looking towards providing solutions for our clients or when we are looking at how what we are doing lends itself to positive results.

To us, answering “yes” usually means that we are confident that we are on the path to fostering feasible, measurable solutions in a way that will bring us (as a team), us (ourselves) or us (our collective efforts as they pertain to client projects) in a way that brings the variations of the us closer to set goals.

The phrase “does this spark joy” has also seeped its way into the pursuit of personal passions and how what I do in my private life adds value to my professional career.

Ongoing education? Absolutely sparks joy. I am extremely grateful that the luxury of learning and high level education adds value to myself both personally and professionally.

Boxing? Double check joy sparking. There is something especially wonderous about finding a healthy outlet for stress. Having this balance gives me the energy to work harder, longer hours which in turn allows me to continuously present my best self in my industry.

Prioritizing self-care through healthy means is, in my opinion, something that is too often grossly neglected. A wise person once told me, “an empty bowl cannot fill mouths” and the notion of joy sparking and the extraordinarily positive affect it has had on myself and those around me is a testament to the truth of that statement.

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