Education, the Great Equalizer

In my dream, I find myself drowning.

for in this dream I visualize a shift,

a changing in humanities values.

I humbly manifest and share this thought.

education, the great equalizer.

Transcending circumstance, ceilings, limits.

Learning without barriers, or discrimination.

As students of the world, we share in limitless potential

We stand empowered, equal and in unity

Sitting at the foot of wisdom

A new side of ourselves emerges.

Knowledge transforms our failures to progress.

Captured, in this moment finding that we truly

Like ourselves when we learn,

moving onward.  

Pushing forward,

finding safety in our togetherness of shared growth. 

We taste freedom, released from our own thoughts.

Released from boundaries of gender, age, race.

Here we ARE free to explore, try, fail, grow.

In challenging the known we feel alive.

Tasting a world in which we are all the same. 

With egos cast aside we are all human beings. No one better or worse than other.

All curious to explore and continue

Discovering all that is still unknown.

There will always be more to uncover. 

Interested, determined, our eyes finally opening.

Our purpose in life becoming clearer.

Now Hungrier for more from our own lives.

Never stopping this journey, not sated.

There is no filling this need for self-growth.

The more we learn, the hungrier we are.

Hungry for an equal place in this world. 

Starving for a world in which we are one.

Searching together for more from our lives.

Seeking truth, wisdom, ways to lead others.

As students we begin to hope again.

That equality is made possible.

Unity, togetherness, we can hear:

Whispers grow louder, forming sounds of hope.

That we capture the answers we seek.

Answers to questions still burning within.

Prejudice, pride, ego, discontent, hurt.

How do we find a better way to be?

To ourselves, and others, fueling change.

As students we transcend time, space, limits.

For in our search for answers, guidance, strength,

When standing on the shoulders of mentors

Our perception changes, vision’s clearing.

 Released from self-doubt, ceilings shatter.

Past limitations start unravelling.

Breaking our boundaries and barriers

With our willingness to engage, we are

United in shared vulnerability.

Hopeful, equal, we dream again.

Igniting the fire of this big wish.

Education, the great equalizer.

The weight of this thought pulls me down deeper,

Drowning, as I look around and know that

For many its not yet fair, its just not true.

Save me from drowning in my own frustration.

Alone, it seems hopeless, together we can find a way to make it so,

Making it fair, real, and true for all people.

Doing together what cannot be done alone.

Find a way to make it a universal truth.

Changing this world and the way it is, to the way it can be

The world and the way it is, to the way

it can be in my dream, and ask this question with me

what could look like, what could our world be

if in one irreversible instant our desire for education

Actually was the great equalizer?

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