Finding & Using Your Voice

Regardless of whether you are brand new at promoting yourself or a seasoned professional, finding the confidence to use your own voice is sometimes more difficult than anything else.  This can be particularly true for young or inexperienced solo or duo entrepreneurs.


An excellent way to build a foundation to instill confidence in their value an organization or potential client is to consider building a safe space with a close group of colleagues or like-minded business professionals that meet specifically to help raise the confidence of the members in the group & collectively discuss issues arising in each other’s professional lives.


This group does not gather for simply an ego boost, they meet specifically to listen to one another’s presentations, pitches, services, disconnect with clients & so forth. Finding a place to receive open and honest feedback gives us the opportunity to work on our own weaknesses.


Four areas to consider:

  1. The importance of giving and receiving honest & respectful feedback about what is or isn’t adding value.
  2. The power of respectful self-reflection.
  3. Valuing yourself to rekindle the passion behind your unique professional purpose.
  4. Setting regular times to self-evaluate.

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